Let the Right of Passage Begin

Let me begin by saying that this post will be short from monumental or revolutionary. Frankly it’s more about having something on the blog than anything else, but I guess I can take this opportunity to touch on why, after so many self-imposed, inexcusable delays, I am ready to begin my blogging venture:

1. It’s a web industry right-of-passage: I’m an avid listener of the Shoptalk Show, a podcast all about front-end web development and web design, among other computer related talk. In the show, Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert answer to questions from listeners about web design-y matters. A question they get a lot, deals with blogging.  Should everyone in the industry/community have one? Why?

To these questions Chris and Dave always answer yes.

They (and mostly everyone in the industry) argue that if you’re in the web development community should design and develop a blog . Even if most people do not have a substantial readership, it is valuable to write about things we as developers learn on the job and put it out to the world so that others can learn, too.


2. I need somewhere to practice my writing: don’t expect much poetry in here, but as someone who fell in love with the craft of writing non-fiction essays in college, I want to use this space to write about subjects other than just web development. Philosophical rumination, political venting, tech industry insight etc.


Basically I just really wanted my own little corner on the internet. So Here it is.